A Vampire's Embrace, Interrupted


As you may have guessed, "A Vampire's Embrace" is a WIP. Here's the thing though, I am having trouble progress-ing. You see, when the story last left off, Buffy had done her biatchy!Slayer thing and insulted my main OC char Micah. The boys went after him, to get him to come back and help the Scoobies deal with a demonic war that could destroy the world and open the Hellmouth. But I don't know where to go from there. I have three, well actually, four choices as to where the story should go:

1. Micah meets with the guys but decides to be obstinate and not go back with them. This has dire consequences for all three boys and the rest of the characters, up to and including death.

2. The boys convince him to ignore Buffy and he goes back and plays nice. This allows the story to go in a positive direction, with less death and more romance.

3. Micah and the boys hook-up and smut ensues. This is the most unbelievable direction and going this way pretty much ensures the plot is history and the story turns to pure smut.

4. The story goes on hiatus until I and my muse can make up our minds where to go.

So why am I telling you guys this? Cause I need help lol. I want anyone and everyone who is interested in the story to vote on which way to go. Either comment here, at bloodclaim or email me at I'll count all the votes received between now and...Saturday. Then I'll go the way the votes do.

Oh and if you never read the story, read it here
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A Vampire's Embrace, Part Four

Micah was laughing as the Scoobies all babbled, looked confused and danced around like they had to pee. All he’d done was ask them if they wanted pizza. If he had known they were this easily flustered by such a simple question, how the hell did they protect the Hellmouth? Well, to be fair, he doubted many vampires offered to buy them pizza but still, they should have been able to get over it quicker.


“You’re serious? You, vampire, evil undead, bad guy are offering us pizza? Spike, did you miss that part in the evil guy handbook, cause you never bought us pizza. Man, Angel neither. Hmm, maybe before we stake vamps we should ask them if they’re gonna buy us pizza, cause hey talk about job perks,” Xander babbled, mainly to cover his confusion.


Spike was dumbfounded. He didn’t know why, whether it was the pizza thing or the Xander-babble, but he was sure he had detoured into an alternate dimension sometime during the night. Spike looked over at the new vampire. The young vampire had a strong air of magic around him and was pretty easy on the eyes. He was young but strong and Spike thought this vamp would be more than a match for the Slayer and her group. He idly wondered how the younger vamp would be in bed.


“Now that you guys have made all the disbelieving noises and fish faces necessary, can we get back to the pizza? Cause I’ve been out of the country for a while and would kill…maybe not best phrasing there…umm, die again? for a decent pizza,” he glared at Xander. “Is your babble catching?”


This made everybody but Buffy and Giles laugh. She narrowed her eyes.


“What kind of vamp trick is this? Can we just get to the part where we fight, you dust, and the rest of us go out for milkshakes?” Buffy snarked.


Micah turned his glare at her, only this time it was deadly.


“Wow, Ethan said you were a bitch, but geez, I just save your collective asses and offer to buy pizza and this is what I get? I shoulda let those Kethari whip on you some more, maybe you’d be more grateful,” he snarled.


“Well, excuse me, but it is rather out of the ordinary for a vampire to not only help us, but offer to buy refreshments afterward,” Giles said dryly.


Micah looked at him, started to say something but had to abandon that when Buffy threw a punch at him. He ducked it and immediately punched at her himself. They started fighting while the rest of the Scoobies watched. Buffy was winded though, and even when she wasn’t, she’d barely be a match for Micah. His speed and strength were magically enhanced and he had 100 years of fighting experience on her. Buffy threw herself forward in a desperate lunge to stake Micah and he caught her arm and twisted her around, fangs at her neck. He pulled away and stared death at the astonished group.


“That was very foolish Slayer,” he said, in a serious tone that sounded every syllable the voice of a Master. “I had no intention of coming here to fight or kill you and this is my return? How very, very stupid. Especially considering the situation you find yourself in.”


“What situation is that?” Giles asked, staring wide-eyed at where Micah had Buffy in a choke.


Micah glanced down at Buffy and then with a grimace of disgust, shoved her towards the Scoobies.


“I mean the fact that you have large number of both Thrakken and Kethari demons in town. I’ve seen them and the attack tonight was a prelude to something larger. C’mon Watcher, think about. Historically, these demons don’t get along and the last time they were on a Hellmouth in such large numbers was…”


“…200 years ago in Russia, when the Hellmouth there was opened and destroyed several cities,” Giles finished in a shocked voice. “They went to war over the last Hellmouth and nearly destroyed the world…”


“Exactly. You can’t stop them alone and neither can I. I happen to like the world, so I figure our best chance is to work together. It’s up to you now. Make a decision, but know that I won’t let this happen and will stop it with or without your help,” Micah growled, turned and stalked off.


The Scoobies looked at each other, expressions of horror on their faces. All of them started talking at once (except Oz and Spike, cause hey they don’t get all excited like the rest). After a few minutes of arguing, it was decided they needed the strange vampire’s help. While Buffy pouted (she voted against, saying they could handle it – she was mad he beat her), the others started planning. Xander realized that they should have the strange vampire with them.


“I’m going after him,” Xander said. “If he is serious about helping, and it sounds like we’ll need him, then I’ll bring him back. Spike, wanna come with? Maybe you’ll be able to help me bring him back if he isn’t keen on the idea.”


The two went off in the direction the vampire had stalked off in.


A Vampire's Embrace, Part Three

The conversation with Rayne was enlightening. Micah ended up telling the Chaos Mage about his travels and some of the magical tricks he’d picked up in a century of unlife. He also conceded to Ethan’s odd request that the Slayer’s Watcher, “Ripper”, be spared. In return, Ethan promised him support if he needed it and told him everything he knew or sussed out about the Slayer and her group.


“Buffy,” he snickered. “What a name.”


Micah continued his slow path down the block towards the Magic Box. He was intent on at least meeting (and maybe insulting, teasing and beating on) the Slayer and her group. He also had an idea on how to fix Spike’s chip, and would collect the vampire to try it. Hopefully, he’d gain a playmate. Micah grinned, Aurelian vampires were always delightfully nutty or at least lovely Drusilla was. He hoped Spike would be like his sire.


Micah stopped halfway to the shop. He smelt other demons headed the same way. He went gameface and took a moment to really look around. There! Kethari demons, seven of them, headed towards the shop. Micah narrowed his eyes, he hated Kethari. Looks like he might be making friends with the Slayer, if she was fighting Kethari.




Giles sighed impatiently. Buffy, Xander and Spike were bickering over weapons at the counter; Willow and Tara were giggling over a book; and Oz and Dawn were in a corner where he was teaching her to play the guitar. No one was researching and they still knew nothing about the massive influx of Thrakken.


A wave of disorienting power struck all of them at the same time.


“What the hell!?!?” Xander growled, his eyes flashing green.


“It’s some kind of magical attack. We need to see what’s out there!” Giles shouted. Thank goodness the wards held.


Skinny, spindly, spiny demon with huge red, three-pupil-ed eyes burst through the door and they all saw more spindly shapes behind it.


“Kethari! Bloody hell! I hate these blighters! Get’em outside and watch for mojo, Slayer!” Spike was in gameface and rushing the demon already. Buffy was close behind him, as was a snarling, glowy-eyed Xander.


They managed to push the demons back and the fighting spilled out into the street. Oz came out, half-wolfed and snarling. He barreled into three demons and stared ripping and clawing.


Spike, Buffy and Xander were all fighting multiple opponents as well. Willow and Tara stood back, throw chant after chant into protecting their friends from the magic being hurled by two Kethari across the street.

It didn’t look good. The Scoobies (and Spike) were outnumbered and the Kethari spell casters were as strong, if not stronger, than the two witches. The girls were tiring.


Micah watched the fight from an alley a little down the street. He was impressed by ~snerk~ Buffy and her Slayerettes. The glowy-eyed guy was a beauty, as was Spike and Micah anticipated fun times with them both. Hmm, the Kethari were slowly winning. Their magic was breaking through the witches warding and if the “White Hats” were going to win, Micah would have to step in. He didn’t want them dead, yet, if ever – it would ruin his fun.


Micah stepped out the alley and chanted a quick spell. Lighting sparked from his outstretched hands and blasted into the spell casting demons. The Kethari made a strange, strangled sound and….popped. Micah laughed, Kethari always died so good. He shifted to gameface, drew a long knife from a sheath in the liner of his duster and attacked.


With the unexpected help, the Scoobies rallied and soon all the demons were dead. Micah stood back and watched as the Slayer and Spike killed the last two Kethari. He shifted back to human and smiled at them.


“What the hell was that? And who the hell are you?” Xander looked over at the smirking Micah.


“I have a better question,” Buffy said as she walked towards him. “Why is a vampire, unsouled and unchipped, helping us?”


Micah looked them over. “You needed it.”


Spike watched the by-play from one side. Her Slayerness was in over her head this time. This bloke was strong for his 100 years and that’s without the mojo. He surreptitiously checked over the others, especially Xander. He had a thing for the boy and it wouldn’t do to have him hurt. The only one badly injured was Oz, who had a deep cut on one arm. Giles was binding it though, so the wolf would be okay. He turned back to the staring contest between the Slayer and the new vampire.


Buffy was assessing. Despite what Spike thought, she felt this vampire’s strength. She wasn’t sure she could take him now, winded and woozy from those demons’ magic. She’d have to play this carefully.


Meanwhile, Micah smirked again. The Slayer wouldn’t attack now, she was weak. If he had wanted to kill her, now would be the perfect time. But Micah was contrary (his Sire always said so) so instead…


“Anyone for pizza?”


The group looked at him flabbergasted.


A Vampire's Embrace, Part Two

Micah woke in a good mood. His new lair was well-appointed and he had all the comforts he wanted: nice bed, space heater, a tap into the water lines and a stereo. And that was just the downstairs. Whoever had constructed this place (and he seriously doubted it was the dumb fledge he dusted to get the place) did a great job. There were some, well womanly touches to it, but he’d fix that tonight. It wasn’t like he wasn’t used to having a woman’s touch around, his Sire was a woman. First things first, though, he was hungry. Time to find someone for breakfast.


Micah dressed to impress, deciding since it was his first real night out on the Hellmouth -he’d arrived last night, but between the fights and hunting for a lair, it wasn’t a real night on the town – he would make an impression tonight. Sleeveless black suede duster, tight black jeans, some new hiking boots with silvery buckles he stole in New York, and the heavily warded spider pendant his Sire gave him when he woke into undeath. He purposely wore no shirt, in order to show off his pale swimmer’s build chest. Yes, Micah was vain and wasn’t too proud to admit it. Besides, it helped lure women and men to him, for food and fun. Micah was turned at 19, and with his shaggy shock of sable hair and large, dark eyes, he painted the perfect picture of debauched innocence.


The cemetery was quiet when he emerged from his new crypt. Micah muttered an incantation under his breath and sent some power licking over the structure, warding it from intruders. He turned and went out into the night.




Finding dinner was quick, some fool who thought he would mug the “dumb fag” and was sorely disappointed. Micah laughed as he in turn mugged the dead man, taking a largish wad of cash, his switchblade and neat silver lighter. Time to go exploring.


Wandering the town on the outskirts first, Micah was surprised at the number of Thrakken demons about. Too many for such a small town, but he put it off to Hellmouth weirdness. He found the local demon hangout, the club all the town’s dumb teenagers hung out at and the burned-out shell of the old high school. He headed back to the main drag, and stopped at the first place with lights on. It was an occult and antique store called Rayne’s Fine Antiques. He was surprised at the tingle of real magic; usually places like this were New Age head shops.


Micah decided to go in, taking a second to check for obvious traps (mystical or otherwise). The interior of the store was nicely dim and cluttered in an artful way.


“Can I help you?” A British voice called from the back. “I – Oh my, a vampire, and what’s more, a warlock. Intriguing.”


A lean, handsome older (looking anyway, cause Micah was 100 years a vampire) man stepped out from the shadows of the back of the store.


“Hmm, a Chaos Mage, on the Hellmouth. How…not surprising,” Micah smirked. “But I bet you’re full of all sorts of useful information and gossip, so no snacking, yet.”


The man laughed, albeit nervously. “Well, I suppose I can oblige you, although I would like to ask a few questions myself.”


Micah looked at the man closely; he was afraid but not too afraid. He had the air of someone who’d seen a lot and was confident in his own abilities. This could be amusing, besides it would be easier to learn about the Hellmouth, its power players and the Slayer from someone in the know.


“Alright, then ask your questions mage.”


“I’m Ethan Rayne by the way, since we’ll probably be doing a lot of business together.”


“Oh and why is that?”


“Because the only other magic shop in town is run by the Slayer’s Watcher.”


“Ah…how…funny. Well, I suppose I’ll play along then. I am Micah Tremere, Master of the Order of Aundae.”


Ethan’s eyes widened.


“The Order of Aundae? I thought they were a myth. A whole Order of powerful witch and warlock vampires, it was always a legend. And you’re a Master, at your young age?”


“How would you know how old….Never mind, you’re a mage, of course you know,” Micah snickered. “As for our Order being a myth, well, we are private and small and not interested in the hierarchy of the various vampire orders. So we stayed out of all the crap over the years. And I earned my Master status, dammit. Besides, it isn’t like I’m the first young Master, not even the only one. Look at William the Bloody, a Master at 120.”


“Funny you should mention him. I have a funny story about him….”


Micah sat in a nearby chair. “I have time, tell me.”


Ethan spent the next three hours telling Micah everything he knew about the Hellmouth, the Slayer, Spike, the Scoobies and the all the things he knew about the demon world in Sunnydale.


A Vampire's Embrace, Part One

A Vampire's Embrace, Part One

Micah Tremere was bored. And that was dangerous when you’re talking about a hundred year-old Master Vampire and Warlock. He smiled, aware of the irony of thinking of himself like that, but hey – he was a realist.


Micah had been drifting for 30 years, ever since a Slayer dusted his Sire in Moscow. He had killed the Slayer, stunning her with a burst of lightning and then draining her and mutilating her body. After that, he wandered around Europe for several years, drinking heavily and barely feeding until he encountered another Slayer. She almost dusted him, but Micah managed to escape.


This encounter snapped him out of his malaise, sending Micah careening back into unlife headfirst. He became a force again, gathering minions and setting himself up as Master of a section of Amsterdam and ruling it with an iron fist. He gathered more power, learning more magic and studying the world. He was able to consolidate several sections of the city and earn his Master status.


But after 5 years, he felt the need to roam again. Micah sent minions to find another Master of his Order and then turned over the city to his “relative” when the new vampire arrived. Micah then began his drifting, traveling the world and even to other dimensions.


Fifteen years of wandering and now Micah was bored again. That’s why he came to the Hellmouth. There was always something fun to do on a Hellmouth. There was even a Slayer to play with. Micah grinned, this was gonna be entertaining.




Spike ducked as the Thrakken he was fighting slashed at him with its three inch claws. He was helping the Slayer and her groupies clear out the fifth nest of Thrakkens this week, trying to get back on their good side after working for ADAM and trying to get them killed. And didn’t it just suck that he, William the Bloody, Spike, one quarter of the Scourge of Europe, was reduced to relying on the soddin’ Slayer and the rest of her cartoon gang.


Speaking of which, he took a look around as he finished ripping into his opponent to see how the others were doing. The Witches had things under control, hurling lightning at the demons (which in truth was the most effective way of killing Thrakkens, not that they thanked him for that info). Giles and Oz were double teaming an extra large Thrakken warrior and doing it well. The Slayer, as usual, made stupid jokes as she tried showy flips and kicks to take out another of the demons when straight forward punching and slashing with the sword she carried would have worked better. The real surprise was the Whelp. Spike had been shocked when he first returned and found the boy battling on equal footing with the Slayer. He couldn’t figure it out until he saw the green flash of the Whelp’s eyes and heard the high pitched bark of a hyena as he fought. Seems the boy had gone and gotten himself a demon, but Spike still didn’t know the whole story.



The battle was pretty much over, most of the Thrakken either dead of fled, and the Scoobies regrouped.


“Is that all of them?” Xander asked an eager gleam in his eyes. He wanted to fight more.


“Seems like it Xan,” Willow replied. “This is getting exhausting. Thank the Goddess Spike knew how to kill them so effectively.”


Spike smirked, “Ta luv.”


Buffy glared at him and turned to Giles. “What’s the deal with these things; this is like the fourth nest we’ve had to clear this week.”


“Fifth, actually,” he replied. “I have no idea what’s going on, but Thrakken aren’t usually so concentrated. Individual groups tend to have their own territories. Something unusual is going on. I’m afraid we’ll have to hit the books to figure this out.”


The group groaned and complained all the way to the Magic Box.




Micah was excited. He’d already been in three fights and hadn’t been on the Hellmouth the whole night. Okay, so one of those fights was none of his business, but hey he hated Kethari demons as much as any vampire and when he saw three of them fighting with a Fyarl demon and two vampires, he had to join in.


He relaxed into his new lair, a well furnished crypt he got by killing its previous owner, some stupid fledge that fancied himself a Master. That was fight number two, but hey it was easier than trying to find an uninhabited lair and fixing it up. Besides, the fledge had insulted him. He grinned; the Hellmouth was turning out to be as much fun as he’d hoped. Tomorrow he would go meet the Slayer.



The first chapter and prologue are almost ready. They should be posted this weekend. I'm eagerly anticipating what you guys think.

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I know it's taking a long time

I know, I know. It's taking me a long time to actually post something but I am writing. I've just have been reworking the story, the beginning. It isn't working like I want it and I've redone it again and again. LOL, my muse is anal retentive.

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This is my attempt at storytelling and writing fanfiction. I read a lot of Spander stories and decided to start writing my own. Feedback here, or at Bloodclaim when I post there is appreciated and wanted, desparately. Yeah, I'm an attention whore.
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