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I am working on Part 7 of A Vampire's Embrace, it just isn't turning out how I want it too. Writing smut is harder than I thought.

Also, I am writing something AU with our boys as part of La Cosa Nostra (the Mob). I'm bringing my boy Micah back in that too, cause I really like him. He's my favorite of all the characters I've ever done.

My muse is poking me with more ideas for the With-Friends-Like-These-verse and a hokey vampire pirate deal (with Xander and Spike as notorious pirates - I blame too many trailers for At World's End and too many late nights).

Just wanted to keep everyone updated.

This is a pic I found on deviantART, by RoxRio (see it here), and when I saw it I automatically thought about Micah, my OC from A Vampire's Embrace. This is almost exactly like I pictured him. Just wanted to share this.


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