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Nighttime in the City of Angels

Nightfall in the City of Angels and for one Angel it was an awakening to pain. Angel woke gasping and struggling against cold steel chains. They were his own set of manacles, vampire-proof and beyond his strength especially weakened as he was. Muddled images ran through his brain, blinding pain and a flash of bright white. SPIKE! His errant Childe had ambushed him. Angel struggled harder and tried to shout but he was gagged.

Footsteps behind him and Angel felt the tingling on the edge of his awareness that said it was a vampire. He flared his nostrils, trying to smell whether or not this vampire was Spike. The sweet smell of family came back to him, tinged with the unrecognizable scent of cloves and honey and chocolate. But very recognizable was the all too familiar scent of Gunn’s blood and Cordy’s and Wes’s. Angel struggled in his bonds again, snarling, spitting and cursing through the gag. Then the strange vampire came around and Angel stilled in shock. Staring at him, a small smile on his handsome (even in gameface) face, was Xander Harris. Angel was so shocked he didn’t notice Spike come in after his new Childe, Angel’s new GrandChilde.

After some teasing and taunting, Spike told Angel all about his visit to Sunnydale after getting the chip out, his revenge on Buffy and the Scoobies and the long overdue claiming of Angel’s “prezzie”. Xander smirked the whole time, rubbing against Spike like a cat and nuzzling his Sire’s neck. Spike then explained how he and Xander had been watching Angel for three days, learning the habits of the AI group. Last night, they’d ambushed Angel, knocked him unconscious and tied him up. Spike then drained Angel some to make him weaker and keep him out. This evening when Cordy, Wes and Gunn came in, Spike and Xander were waiting. Wes was turned, Gunn drained and disposed of and Cordy raped and tortured but left alive.

Angel struggled harder when Spike told him what he was going to do with him. Spike had found a demon mage who would rip out Angel’s soul and banish it forever. Angelus would be back, saner now without the soul’s taint. They left Cordy for Angelus to play with. Spike would have his Sire back and Angelus would have the makings of a new family, a new Scourge, at the ready. They could find Dru or not, depending on whether Angelus wanted her or Cordy - both were Seers, he didn’t really need two - and then go wherever Angelus wanted after. One more hour and Angel would be gone.

The hour was spent with Angel alternately struggling and crying and Spike and Xander having bloody sex on his bed. When the mage came, Angel gave up and closed his eyes. He lay still until the magic ripped through him and as he left his body, Angel could only hope someone could stop Angelus and his new family.



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