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With Friends Like These...

Buffy groaned into her gag. She was weak from the blood loss. Tied to a chair in Slayer-strength chains that Giles had gotten to hold Faith years ago, she had a prime view as her former best friend Xander and her worst enemy Spike fucked (there was no other word for what they were doing, love had no place in their sex at the moment) like demons at the rut. Of course, as they were both demons, it seemed natural they would have vicious, bloody sex. Both of them in gameface, blood streaming from various bites as they fucked on her mother’s bed.

And hadn’t that been a surprise? Xander had rang the doorbell, three quick bursts like he always did, and she had called for him to come in. She’d felt a vampire and assumed it was Spike and so invited him in too. When Xander grabbed her and shifted to gameface and Spike howled in triumph as he caught her arms, she’d been completely stunned. Two deep bites later and she had been helpless as the two demons tied her up and beat her bloodier. Spike then explained how he’d gotten the chip out, by hiring some vampires and demons to ambush a small contingent of Initiative soldiers and scientists that had been trying to establish a new base on the Hellmouth. His vampire mercenaries had turned the doctors who then got his chip and those of a bunch of other well-paying demons out. Xander then came over her and held up a bloody wallet. She cried out when he opened it to show her Riley’s military I.D.

Dawn had come home then and she had to watch helpless as Xander stalked downstairs after her. Spike laughed as Dawn screamed and Buffy sobbed. When Xander came back upstairs, his mouth bloody and eyes flecked with gold, she screamed again and again. She’d asked why they’d done this, why were they doing this. She tried to reason with Xander, tried to remind him he was her friend. He’d laughed at her and detailed dozens of examples of how neither she nor Willow nor any of the other Scoobies had been his friends in a long time. How they’d laughed when he lost his job and Anya left him. How he’d been left behind by them over and over and how they’d treated him like dirt. With friends like them, was it any wonder he’d given in to Spike so readily he’d said. At least Spike would care for him, not like his so-called friends. Buffy tried to deny it and got slapped for her effort.

The next few hours were torment. They’d drank from her off and on, never enough to kill her, and she’d been gagged and forced to watch as they had sex over and over. Even worse, she’d had to watch as they caught and tortured Giles when he’d come looking for her. Giles suffer for hours before Spike put out his eyes with a rusty railroad Spike he’d dug out of a duster pocket. Xander snapped Giles’s neck then and threw his body down the stairs to the basement. They took the gag off her to listen to her sob.

Hours later and the sun was finally going down. She’d been Spike and Xander’s prisoner since 6:00 a.m. that morning and she was slowly dying. Xander left her to Spike for a while, going out to “look up Willow and Tara”. Spike proceeded to show her how he’d earned his nickname, while still leaving her alive.

Buffy knew her time was up. Xander had come back bloody, carrying a large hunk of Willow’s red hair - a “keepsake”, and proceeded to pounce Spike. They’d been fucking for hours now and would soon be hungry. Finally, they came with matching roars of completion. She watched them stalk towards her, naked and gamefaced. The last thing Buffy knew was the feel of their fangs and their whispered promise to say ‘Hi’ to Angel for her.



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