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A Vampire's Embrace, Part 5

Thanks to all who voted. It was a close vote between the email and comments, and I'll let you read to figure out which one won.

Xander sniffed the air again. He and Spike had been trailing the mysterious vampire warlock for nearly a half hour. They had followed his sent to the gate of the Restfield Cemetery and to the door of Spike’s old crypt. The two of them had been surprised by Harmony’s absence, but couldn’t get in to investigate because of the heavy wards. The scent of the vampire, sweet like chocolate and the ozone smell of lightning, drew them back towards the town. Xander, who had as good a sense of smell as Spike (if not better-not that the blonde vampire would ever admit that), led them to the door of a private club where the smell ended.


“What now, mate?” Spike asked. “’snot like we can barge in there without an invite.”


“You’re right. But if we want to get this guy back on our side, we need to catch up to him tonight. Let’s knock and see if we can’t get in,” Xander replied.


Spike snorted at the plan but followed Xander to the door anyway. Xander went to knock on the door politely and Spike, snorting derisively again, pushed past him and banged his closed fist on the door. A small eye slit opened and a pair of gold eyes looked out at them.


“What do you want? Members here only, so get lost,” snarled the vampire doorman.


“Oi! You know who you’re talking too? I’m William the Bloody you dumb bastard. Open this fucking door right now before…” Spike growled as Xander pulled him away from the door.


“What he means to say, is we just want to come in for a minute. We’re looking for someone,” Xander said a little more diplomatically.


Derisive snorts seemed to be a common vampire expression, because the door-vamp gave Xander his third in less than five minutes.


“Yeah, looking for someone, right. I know who you two are, you’re the Slayer’s pet vamp and primal. You ain’t getting in here.”


Spike growled like an angry lion and put his boot to the door. Xander watched dumbfounded, as Spike’s kick bounced off without doing damage and the vamp howled in pain.


The door-vamp laughed. “It’s warded idiot. Only opens when I open it and I ain’t opening for you two. So get the fuck out of here.”


The eye slit was pushed closed. Xander looked at Spike where he was still hopping on one foot and growling.


“Great, now what?”


“Perhaps I can be of assistance,” a smooth British voice said out of the dark of the alley.


Ethan Rayne stepped out and walked towards Spike and Xander.


“What are you doing here Rayne?” Xander asked.


“I’m a member of the club, just coming to unwind after a hard day. I can get you in.”


“Why help us mage? Last I checked, you weren’t playing nice with the soddin’ white hats,” Spike said.


“I am offering my assistance because if what Micah said is true, we are all in grave danger and while I love chaos, an open Hellmouth and a demon war that destroys the town is not what I had in mind. Besides, Micah asked me to help. Well, ordered actually.”


“Who’s Micah? And how can he order you about?” Xander narrowed his eyes.


“I believe you met him tonight. He said he was going to go to the Slayer and inform her of the situation once we put together what was happening. As for ordering, well when a powerful vampire warlock tells me to do something, I believe it is healthier to go along with it,” Ethan answered with a sardonic smile.


“Bloody hell. If this bloke has the mage following him, we really better get him on our side. You saw what he did to the Slayer and that was without any real effort,” Spike said looking over to Xander.


“Okay Rayne, we’ll work with you for now, so do your thing and get us in the club.”


“I’m so honored,” Ethan murmured sarcastically and went to the door. He knocked and the eye slit opened.


“Mr. Rayne! How good to see you sir…What are you two still doing here!?!? I told you to fuck off.”


Spike growled and Xander restrained him. Ethan smirked and turned to the door-vamp.


“They’re with me. Let us in.”


“What!?! I’m not letting those traitors in here. They probably came to…” Door-vamp’s tirade cut off as Ethan’s eyes flashed and a pulse of power flicked over him.


“I believe I told you to let us in Rodney. Perhaps I should complain to your Master about this lapse.”


“N-No Mr. Rayne, I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” the door-vamp, Rodney, pleaded as he opened the door and waved them in.


Xander and Spike snickered and followed a strutting Ethan into the club.




The club was a Goth kid’s fantasy. The owner, a Master Vampire with a sense of humor, had outfitted it to suit humans posing as vampires. Of course, the clientele was mostly demons and vampires, so it was a big joke. Goth music blared from speakers. Xander and Spike took in the club, ignoring the glares and stares of the various patrons, while Ethan headed to the bar. The music changed and techno-Goth-rock-Egyptian song started playing. Xander poked Spike and pointed. The strange vampire, Micah apparently, was on the dance floor. He caught the beat and began to sensually move to the music.


You fell away

What more can I say

The feelings evolved

I won’t let it out

I can't replace

Your screaming face

Feeling the sickness inside


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine


So many words

Can't describe my face

This feeling's evolved

So soon to break out

I can't relate

To a happy state

Feeling the blood run inside


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine


Why is everything so fucking hard for me?

Keep me down to what you think I should be

Must you tempt me and provoke the ministry

Keep on trying I'm not dying so easily


I will not die

Why is everything so fucking hard for me?

I will not die

Why is everything so fucking hard for me?


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine.*


Spike and Xander watched with open mouths as the young vampire dropped his suede duster and danced shirtless, gyrating and moving in snake-like S’s to the erotic (if admittedly cheesy and cliché for a vampire club) song.


The song ended and the young vampire scooped up his coat. He ignored the whistles and catcalls of the other patrons and brushed past several interested vampires, male and female, that tried to proposition him. When Micah caught sight of Xander and Spike, he narrowed his eyes and stalked toward them. Xander caught sight of the vampire’s angry expression and the sparks of purple lightning dancing over the fingers of the hand not holding his coat and turned to Spike.



* System, sung by Chester Bennington and written by Jonathan Davis

See the video and hear the song here
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