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A Vampire's Embrace, Part Four

Micah was laughing as the Scoobies all babbled, looked confused and danced around like they had to pee. All he’d done was ask them if they wanted pizza. If he had known they were this easily flustered by such a simple question, how the hell did they protect the Hellmouth? Well, to be fair, he doubted many vampires offered to buy them pizza but still, they should have been able to get over it quicker.


“You’re serious? You, vampire, evil undead, bad guy are offering us pizza? Spike, did you miss that part in the evil guy handbook, cause you never bought us pizza. Man, Angel neither. Hmm, maybe before we stake vamps we should ask them if they’re gonna buy us pizza, cause hey talk about job perks,” Xander babbled, mainly to cover his confusion.


Spike was dumbfounded. He didn’t know why, whether it was the pizza thing or the Xander-babble, but he was sure he had detoured into an alternate dimension sometime during the night. Spike looked over at the new vampire. The young vampire had a strong air of magic around him and was pretty easy on the eyes. He was young but strong and Spike thought this vamp would be more than a match for the Slayer and her group. He idly wondered how the younger vamp would be in bed.


“Now that you guys have made all the disbelieving noises and fish faces necessary, can we get back to the pizza? Cause I’ve been out of the country for a while and would kill…maybe not best phrasing there…umm, die again? for a decent pizza,” he glared at Xander. “Is your babble catching?”


This made everybody but Buffy and Giles laugh. She narrowed her eyes.


“What kind of vamp trick is this? Can we just get to the part where we fight, you dust, and the rest of us go out for milkshakes?” Buffy snarked.


Micah turned his glare at her, only this time it was deadly.


“Wow, Ethan said you were a bitch, but geez, I just save your collective asses and offer to buy pizza and this is what I get? I shoulda let those Kethari whip on you some more, maybe you’d be more grateful,” he snarled.


“Well, excuse me, but it is rather out of the ordinary for a vampire to not only help us, but offer to buy refreshments afterward,” Giles said dryly.


Micah looked at him, started to say something but had to abandon that when Buffy threw a punch at him. He ducked it and immediately punched at her himself. They started fighting while the rest of the Scoobies watched. Buffy was winded though, and even when she wasn’t, she’d barely be a match for Micah. His speed and strength were magically enhanced and he had 100 years of fighting experience on her. Buffy threw herself forward in a desperate lunge to stake Micah and he caught her arm and twisted her around, fangs at her neck. He pulled away and stared death at the astonished group.


“That was very foolish Slayer,” he said, in a serious tone that sounded every syllable the voice of a Master. “I had no intention of coming here to fight or kill you and this is my return? How very, very stupid. Especially considering the situation you find yourself in.”


“What situation is that?” Giles asked, staring wide-eyed at where Micah had Buffy in a choke.


Micah glanced down at Buffy and then with a grimace of disgust, shoved her towards the Scoobies.


“I mean the fact that you have large number of both Thrakken and Kethari demons in town. I’ve seen them and the attack tonight was a prelude to something larger. C’mon Watcher, think about. Historically, these demons don’t get along and the last time they were on a Hellmouth in such large numbers was…”


“…200 years ago in Russia, when the Hellmouth there was opened and destroyed several cities,” Giles finished in a shocked voice. “They went to war over the last Hellmouth and nearly destroyed the world…”


“Exactly. You can’t stop them alone and neither can I. I happen to like the world, so I figure our best chance is to work together. It’s up to you now. Make a decision, but know that I won’t let this happen and will stop it with or without your help,” Micah growled, turned and stalked off.


The Scoobies looked at each other, expressions of horror on their faces. All of them started talking at once (except Oz and Spike, cause hey they don’t get all excited like the rest). After a few minutes of arguing, it was decided they needed the strange vampire’s help. While Buffy pouted (she voted against, saying they could handle it – she was mad he beat her), the others started planning. Xander realized that they should have the strange vampire with them.


“I’m going after him,” Xander said. “If he is serious about helping, and it sounds like we’ll need him, then I’ll bring him back. Spike, wanna come with? Maybe you’ll be able to help me bring him back if he isn’t keen on the idea.”


The two went off in the direction the vampire had stalked off in.

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