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A Vampire's Embrace, Part Three

The conversation with Rayne was enlightening. Micah ended up telling the Chaos Mage about his travels and some of the magical tricks he’d picked up in a century of unlife. He also conceded to Ethan’s odd request that the Slayer’s Watcher, “Ripper”, be spared. In return, Ethan promised him support if he needed it and told him everything he knew or sussed out about the Slayer and her group.


“Buffy,” he snickered. “What a name.”


Micah continued his slow path down the block towards the Magic Box. He was intent on at least meeting (and maybe insulting, teasing and beating on) the Slayer and her group. He also had an idea on how to fix Spike’s chip, and would collect the vampire to try it. Hopefully, he’d gain a playmate. Micah grinned, Aurelian vampires were always delightfully nutty or at least lovely Drusilla was. He hoped Spike would be like his sire.


Micah stopped halfway to the shop. He smelt other demons headed the same way. He went gameface and took a moment to really look around. There! Kethari demons, seven of them, headed towards the shop. Micah narrowed his eyes, he hated Kethari. Looks like he might be making friends with the Slayer, if she was fighting Kethari.




Giles sighed impatiently. Buffy, Xander and Spike were bickering over weapons at the counter; Willow and Tara were giggling over a book; and Oz and Dawn were in a corner where he was teaching her to play the guitar. No one was researching and they still knew nothing about the massive influx of Thrakken.


A wave of disorienting power struck all of them at the same time.


“What the hell!?!?” Xander growled, his eyes flashing green.


“It’s some kind of magical attack. We need to see what’s out there!” Giles shouted. Thank goodness the wards held.


Skinny, spindly, spiny demon with huge red, three-pupil-ed eyes burst through the door and they all saw more spindly shapes behind it.


“Kethari! Bloody hell! I hate these blighters! Get’em outside and watch for mojo, Slayer!” Spike was in gameface and rushing the demon already. Buffy was close behind him, as was a snarling, glowy-eyed Xander.


They managed to push the demons back and the fighting spilled out into the street. Oz came out, half-wolfed and snarling. He barreled into three demons and stared ripping and clawing.


Spike, Buffy and Xander were all fighting multiple opponents as well. Willow and Tara stood back, throw chant after chant into protecting their friends from the magic being hurled by two Kethari across the street.

It didn’t look good. The Scoobies (and Spike) were outnumbered and the Kethari spell casters were as strong, if not stronger, than the two witches. The girls were tiring.


Micah watched the fight from an alley a little down the street. He was impressed by ~snerk~ Buffy and her Slayerettes. The glowy-eyed guy was a beauty, as was Spike and Micah anticipated fun times with them both. Hmm, the Kethari were slowly winning. Their magic was breaking through the witches warding and if the “White Hats” were going to win, Micah would have to step in. He didn’t want them dead, yet, if ever – it would ruin his fun.


Micah stepped out the alley and chanted a quick spell. Lighting sparked from his outstretched hands and blasted into the spell casting demons. The Kethari made a strange, strangled sound and….popped. Micah laughed, Kethari always died so good. He shifted to gameface, drew a long knife from a sheath in the liner of his duster and attacked.


With the unexpected help, the Scoobies rallied and soon all the demons were dead. Micah stood back and watched as the Slayer and Spike killed the last two Kethari. He shifted back to human and smiled at them.


“What the hell was that? And who the hell are you?” Xander looked over at the smirking Micah.


“I have a better question,” Buffy said as she walked towards him. “Why is a vampire, unsouled and unchipped, helping us?”


Micah looked them over. “You needed it.”


Spike watched the by-play from one side. Her Slayerness was in over her head this time. This bloke was strong for his 100 years and that’s without the mojo. He surreptitiously checked over the others, especially Xander. He had a thing for the boy and it wouldn’t do to have him hurt. The only one badly injured was Oz, who had a deep cut on one arm. Giles was binding it though, so the wolf would be okay. He turned back to the staring contest between the Slayer and the new vampire.


Buffy was assessing. Despite what Spike thought, she felt this vampire’s strength. She wasn’t sure she could take him now, winded and woozy from those demons’ magic. She’d have to play this carefully.


Meanwhile, Micah smirked again. The Slayer wouldn’t attack now, she was weak. If he had wanted to kill her, now would be the perfect time. But Micah was contrary (his Sire always said so) so instead…


“Anyone for pizza?”


The group looked at him flabbergasted.

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