I have become entranced by Harry Potter fanfiction, especially Drarry stuff. So anything I post now will be related to that for the foreseeable future.

A Vampire's Embrace....Abandoned

The story is just not going anywhere. I dunno why, what happened to my muse, but I can't go any further with it. I am tentatively working on something new, with a new muse (I fired the old one - with real fire). This story brings back the boys and my boy, Micah Tremere. I am making it something of a crossover with Vampire: The Masquerade, an RPG game by Whitewolf. It is in the works and the Prologue and Chapter One should be up next week sometime.
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I am working on Part 7 of A Vampire's Embrace, it just isn't turning out how I want it too. Writing smut is harder than I thought.

Also, I am writing something AU with our boys as part of La Cosa Nostra (the Mob). I'm bringing my boy Micah back in that too, cause I really like him. He's my favorite of all the characters I've ever done.

My muse is poking me with more ideas for the With-Friends-Like-These-verse and a hokey vampire pirate deal (with Xander and Spike as notorious pirates - I blame too many trailers for At World's End and too many late nights).

Just wanted to keep everyone updated.

This is a pic I found on deviantART, by RoxRio (see it here), and when I saw it I automatically thought about Micah, my OC from A Vampire's Embrace. This is almost exactly like I pictured him. Just wanted to share this.
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Nighttime in the City of Angels

Nightfall in the City of Angels and for one Angel it was an awakening to pain. Angel woke gasping and struggling against cold steel chains. They were his own set of manacles, vampire-proof and beyond his strength especially weakened as he was. Muddled images ran through his brain, blinding pain and a flash of bright white. SPIKE! His errant Childe had ambushed him. Angel struggled harder and tried to shout but he was gagged.

Footsteps behind him and Angel felt the tingling on the edge of his awareness that said it was a vampire. He flared his nostrils, trying to smell whether or not this vampire was Spike. The sweet smell of family came back to him, tinged with the unrecognizable scent of cloves and honey and chocolate. But very recognizable was the all too familiar scent of Gunn’s blood and Cordy’s and Wes’s. Angel struggled in his bonds again, snarling, spitting and cursing through the gag. Then the strange vampire came around and Angel stilled in shock. Staring at him, a small smile on his handsome (even in gameface) face, was Xander Harris. Angel was so shocked he didn’t notice Spike come in after his new Childe, Angel’s new GrandChilde.

After some teasing and taunting, Spike told Angel all about his visit to Sunnydale after getting the chip out, his revenge on Buffy and the Scoobies and the long overdue claiming of Angel’s “prezzie”. Xander smirked the whole time, rubbing against Spike like a cat and nuzzling his Sire’s neck. Spike then explained how he and Xander had been watching Angel for three days, learning the habits of the AI group. Last night, they’d ambushed Angel, knocked him unconscious and tied him up. Spike then drained Angel some to make him weaker and keep him out. This evening when Cordy, Wes and Gunn came in, Spike and Xander were waiting. Wes was turned, Gunn drained and disposed of and Cordy raped and tortured but left alive.

Angel struggled harder when Spike told him what he was going to do with him. Spike had found a demon mage who would rip out Angel’s soul and banish it forever. Angelus would be back, saner now without the soul’s taint. They left Cordy for Angelus to play with. Spike would have his Sire back and Angelus would have the makings of a new family, a new Scourge, at the ready. They could find Dru or not, depending on whether Angelus wanted her or Cordy - both were Seers, he didn’t really need two - and then go wherever Angelus wanted after. One more hour and Angel would be gone.

The hour was spent with Angel alternately struggling and crying and Spike and Xander having bloody sex on his bed. When the mage came, Angel gave up and closed his eyes. He lay still until the magic ripped through him and as he left his body, Angel could only hope someone could stop Angelus and his new family.

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General Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I don't own anybody but my original characters. The folks from BtVS and AtS belong to Joss Whedon and their creators. I didn't make a red cent from this writing. No worries, I'm just playing with them.


With Friends Like These...

Buffy groaned into her gag. She was weak from the blood loss. Tied to a chair in Slayer-strength chains that Giles had gotten to hold Faith years ago, she had a prime view as her former best friend Xander and her worst enemy Spike fucked (there was no other word for what they were doing, love had no place in their sex at the moment) like demons at the rut. Of course, as they were both demons, it seemed natural they would have vicious, bloody sex. Both of them in gameface, blood streaming from various bites as they fucked on her mother’s bed.

And hadn’t that been a surprise? Xander had rang the doorbell, three quick bursts like he always did, and she had called for him to come in. She’d felt a vampire and assumed it was Spike and so invited him in too. When Xander grabbed her and shifted to gameface and Spike howled in triumph as he caught her arms, she’d been completely stunned. Two deep bites later and she had been helpless as the two demons tied her up and beat her bloodier. Spike then explained how he’d gotten the chip out, by hiring some vampires and demons to ambush a small contingent of Initiative soldiers and scientists that had been trying to establish a new base on the Hellmouth. His vampire mercenaries had turned the doctors who then got his chip and those of a bunch of other well-paying demons out. Xander then came over her and held up a bloody wallet. She cried out when he opened it to show her Riley’s military I.D.

Dawn had come home then and she had to watch helpless as Xander stalked downstairs after her. Spike laughed as Dawn screamed and Buffy sobbed. When Xander came back upstairs, his mouth bloody and eyes flecked with gold, she screamed again and again. She’d asked why they’d done this, why were they doing this. She tried to reason with Xander, tried to remind him he was her friend. He’d laughed at her and detailed dozens of examples of how neither she nor Willow nor any of the other Scoobies had been his friends in a long time. How they’d laughed when he lost his job and Anya left him. How he’d been left behind by them over and over and how they’d treated him like dirt. With friends like them, was it any wonder he’d given in to Spike so readily he’d said. At least Spike would care for him, not like his so-called friends. Buffy tried to deny it and got slapped for her effort.

The next few hours were torment. They’d drank from her off and on, never enough to kill her, and she’d been gagged and forced to watch as they had sex over and over. Even worse, she’d had to watch as they caught and tortured Giles when he’d come looking for her. Giles suffer for hours before Spike put out his eyes with a rusty railroad Spike he’d dug out of a duster pocket. Xander snapped Giles’s neck then and threw his body down the stairs to the basement. They took the gag off her to listen to her sob.

Hours later and the sun was finally going down. She’d been Spike and Xander’s prisoner since 6:00 a.m. that morning and she was slowly dying. Xander left her to Spike for a while, going out to “look up Willow and Tara”. Spike proceeded to show her how he’d earned his nickname, while still leaving her alive.

Buffy knew her time was up. Xander had come back bloody, carrying a large hunk of Willow’s red hair - a “keepsake”, and proceeded to pounce Spike. They’d been fucking for hours now and would soon be hungry. Finally, they came with matching roars of completion. She watched them stalk towards her, naked and gamefaced. The last thing Buffy knew was the feel of their fangs and their whispered promise to say ‘Hi’ to Angel for her.

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Spiderman 3

I normally wouldn't off-topic post like this but I have an obligation to warn folks, SAVE YOUR MONEY! This movie wasn't worth the price or the 2 hours and 20 minutes.
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A Vampire's Embrace, Part 6

Micah was angry. Very angry. Bad enough the Slayer had to attack him when all he wanted was to help, but now she sent her pet demons after him? This wouldn’t stand.

He stopped in front of the two and snarled, shifting to his demon face.


“So the Slayer sent her neutered pet-vamp and housebroken Primal after me to what? Finish the job? That’s a laugh.”


Spike growled and Xander quickly moved between them to avoid Spike doing anything to get anyone of them killed.


“What the hell? I knew I shouldn’t have let any of you in here. We don’t need the Slayer or her lackeys causing shit in here. Get out now!” The door-vamp Rodney, who’d been watching Spike and Xander since they came in, walked over and was going to try and throw them out.


Micah hissed now, his gold eyes taking on a purple tint as he got angrier and the magic he was holding began to leak out. The door-vamp had given him hassle earlier and now had the nerve to get into his business? He unleashed a bolt of lightning into the other vamp.


“Minions should really learn their place,” Micah growled as the other vamp twitched and screamed. “Hassling Masters is a good way to end up dust.”


Rodney was still screaming as Micah turned up the juice and after a moment he disintegrated. Angry shouts and running could be heard from the front of the club as the minions of the Master that owned the club swarmed towards Micah, Xander and Spike.

All three fell into fighting positions and Micah was surprised when Xander and Spike flanked him, instead of turning on him. No time to puzzle it out now as thirty demon-faced vampires attacked them.


The battle was hard but short. Micah flung magic into the bunched vampires and patrons and sliced at throats, arms, legs and other bits with his long knife. Spike punched, kicked and tore at anything in range. Xander used his strength and hyena-speed to snap necks and batter vampires into dust. Soon, too soon in both Spike’s and Micah’s opinion, the fight was over.


“Damn, I was having fun too,” Micah mock-pouted and grinned at Xander and Spike. Xander looked at Micah curiously and burst into very hyena-sounding giggle. Spike just smirked and headed towards the bar, which had been abandoned at the start of the fight.


“Well, you’re obviously not here to try and kill me, else you woulda left me to that bunch of idiots,” Micah said. “So why are you here?”


“You offered to help. We want to take you up on it, well that and the pizza,” Xander replied.


Micah laughed. “You’re right, I did offer pizza. Too late tonight, but maybe tomorrow? You and Spike and the others…Wait, what about the Slayer? She fuckin’ attacked me for no reason. I won’t let her get away with that again.”


“No worries, mate. Old Rupes put the Slayer in her place but good and everyone else is more concerned with the impending apocalypse to be arsed over you being a vampire. Although, you may have to fend off some of the bints. They think you’re ‘cute’,” Spike said as he came over and passed out the beers he got from the bar.


“Oh? And what about you two? I know you caught me dancing and I smelled your…interest,” Micah smiled at their sputtering. “I think the, uh, ‘bints’ are gonna have to live with disappointment. I’d rather play with you two.”


Now Xander and Spike were truly sputtering and choking on their beers. They looked at each other and then back at Micah.


Privately, Spike had been checking Xander out for months now, especially after he got the Primal back. The boy had become confident and dangerous and, yes, sexier than he was before. The only thing keeping him from making a move on Xander was that he didn’t know if Xander would return his interest.


For his part, Xander had been checking Spike out since Angel offered him as a snack to the blonde vampire. Before his hyena upgrade 2.0 (as he and Willow jokingly called it) Xander would have never have admitted those kinds of feelings to himself. But the hyena gave him a kind of freedom, a confidence he admittedly lacked before and Xander was now able to be…free. The conditioning of his childhood went out the window and now that Xander could be himself, he wanted someone who wanted him as he was. Xander was pretty sure Spike did, if the vampire’s lust-filled scent when they trained, hung out and fought together was anything to go by. Still, Xander was a bit unsure and so waited for Spike to make the first move.


Now both of them, almost simultaneously, considered Micah. The younger vampire was a strange one. A few minutes ago he looked ready to kill them both and now he was making a blatant pass at them. Then there was the dichotomy (both Xander and Spike thought this word and blamed too many Giles lectures) of his Master Vampire persona and the young way he acted normally. Both admitted to wanting him, though, and hoped each hoped the other would go along with Micah’s plan to…play.


“You want both of us? But you hardly know us, and besides, just a few minutes ago, you wanted to kill us,” Xander just had to know what was going on. Spike groaned, the boy just couldn’t let it go.


“Of course I want you. You’re both hot and smell damn good. I bet we could have a lot of fun together and watching you fight proved you’d be good matches for me. As for wanting to kill you, well I got over it. I’m a Master Vampire, I’m supposed to be complicated,” Micah grinned at them both.


Spike started to say something when a loud growl came from the back of the club. The Master Vampire had come in with seven Fyral demons and a couple of vampires that felt like Childer to Xander, Spike and Micah.


“I was hoping to have more fun tonight,” Micah said. Spike and Xander grinned at him. Micah pulled up his magic again and the fight began.


A Vampire's Embrace, Part 5

Thanks to all who voted. It was a close vote between the email and comments, and I'll let you read to figure out which one won.

Xander sniffed the air again. He and Spike had been trailing the mysterious vampire warlock for nearly a half hour. They had followed his sent to the gate of the Restfield Cemetery and to the door of Spike’s old crypt. The two of them had been surprised by Harmony’s absence, but couldn’t get in to investigate because of the heavy wards. The scent of the vampire, sweet like chocolate and the ozone smell of lightning, drew them back towards the town. Xander, who had as good a sense of smell as Spike (if not better-not that the blonde vampire would ever admit that), led them to the door of a private club where the smell ended.


“What now, mate?” Spike asked. “’snot like we can barge in there without an invite.”


“You’re right. But if we want to get this guy back on our side, we need to catch up to him tonight. Let’s knock and see if we can’t get in,” Xander replied.


Spike snorted at the plan but followed Xander to the door anyway. Xander went to knock on the door politely and Spike, snorting derisively again, pushed past him and banged his closed fist on the door. A small eye slit opened and a pair of gold eyes looked out at them.


“What do you want? Members here only, so get lost,” snarled the vampire doorman.


“Oi! You know who you’re talking too? I’m William the Bloody you dumb bastard. Open this fucking door right now before…” Spike growled as Xander pulled him away from the door.


“What he means to say, is we just want to come in for a minute. We’re looking for someone,” Xander said a little more diplomatically.


Derisive snorts seemed to be a common vampire expression, because the door-vamp gave Xander his third in less than five minutes.


“Yeah, looking for someone, right. I know who you two are, you’re the Slayer’s pet vamp and primal. You ain’t getting in here.”


Spike growled like an angry lion and put his boot to the door. Xander watched dumbfounded, as Spike’s kick bounced off without doing damage and the vamp howled in pain.


The door-vamp laughed. “It’s warded idiot. Only opens when I open it and I ain’t opening for you two. So get the fuck out of here.”


The eye slit was pushed closed. Xander looked at Spike where he was still hopping on one foot and growling.


“Great, now what?”


“Perhaps I can be of assistance,” a smooth British voice said out of the dark of the alley.


Ethan Rayne stepped out and walked towards Spike and Xander.


“What are you doing here Rayne?” Xander asked.


“I’m a member of the club, just coming to unwind after a hard day. I can get you in.”


“Why help us mage? Last I checked, you weren’t playing nice with the soddin’ white hats,” Spike said.


“I am offering my assistance because if what Micah said is true, we are all in grave danger and while I love chaos, an open Hellmouth and a demon war that destroys the town is not what I had in mind. Besides, Micah asked me to help. Well, ordered actually.”


“Who’s Micah? And how can he order you about?” Xander narrowed his eyes.


“I believe you met him tonight. He said he was going to go to the Slayer and inform her of the situation once we put together what was happening. As for ordering, well when a powerful vampire warlock tells me to do something, I believe it is healthier to go along with it,” Ethan answered with a sardonic smile.


“Bloody hell. If this bloke has the mage following him, we really better get him on our side. You saw what he did to the Slayer and that was without any real effort,” Spike said looking over to Xander.


“Okay Rayne, we’ll work with you for now, so do your thing and get us in the club.”


“I’m so honored,” Ethan murmured sarcastically and went to the door. He knocked and the eye slit opened.


“Mr. Rayne! How good to see you sir…What are you two still doing here!?!? I told you to fuck off.”


Spike growled and Xander restrained him. Ethan smirked and turned to the door-vamp.


“They’re with me. Let us in.”


“What!?! I’m not letting those traitors in here. They probably came to…” Door-vamp’s tirade cut off as Ethan’s eyes flashed and a pulse of power flicked over him.


“I believe I told you to let us in Rodney. Perhaps I should complain to your Master about this lapse.”


“N-No Mr. Rayne, I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” the door-vamp, Rodney, pleaded as he opened the door and waved them in.


Xander and Spike snickered and followed a strutting Ethan into the club.




The club was a Goth kid’s fantasy. The owner, a Master Vampire with a sense of humor, had outfitted it to suit humans posing as vampires. Of course, the clientele was mostly demons and vampires, so it was a big joke. Goth music blared from speakers. Xander and Spike took in the club, ignoring the glares and stares of the various patrons, while Ethan headed to the bar. The music changed and techno-Goth-rock-Egyptian song started playing. Xander poked Spike and pointed. The strange vampire, Micah apparently, was on the dance floor. He caught the beat and began to sensually move to the music.


You fell away

What more can I say

The feelings evolved

I won’t let it out

I can't replace

Your screaming face

Feeling the sickness inside


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine


So many words

Can't describe my face

This feeling's evolved

So soon to break out

I can't relate

To a happy state

Feeling the blood run inside


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine


Why is everything so fucking hard for me?

Keep me down to what you think I should be

Must you tempt me and provoke the ministry

Keep on trying I'm not dying so easily


I will not die

Why is everything so fucking hard for me?

I will not die

Why is everything so fucking hard for me?


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine


Why won’t you die?

Your blood in mine

We'll be fine

Then your body will be mine.*


Spike and Xander watched with open mouths as the young vampire dropped his suede duster and danced shirtless, gyrating and moving in snake-like S’s to the erotic (if admittedly cheesy and cliché for a vampire club) song.


The song ended and the young vampire scooped up his coat. He ignored the whistles and catcalls of the other patrons and brushed past several interested vampires, male and female, that tried to proposition him. When Micah caught sight of Xander and Spike, he narrowed his eyes and stalked toward them. Xander caught sight of the vampire’s angry expression and the sparks of purple lightning dancing over the fingers of the hand not holding his coat and turned to Spike.



* System, sung by Chester Bennington and written by Jonathan Davis

See the video and hear the song here